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Senso Hybrid finds the perfect balance between classic watchmaking and cutting-edge technology. Featuring a 316L Stainless Steel case & bezel with sapphire crystal glass, the smartwatch is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to help your move through the world – a traditional face-and-hands aesthetic that reveals advanced tools to monitor your heart, aid fitness & performance and keep close track of your body while you sleep. Available in Mercure Grey, the blend of dark-grey case & bezel with a dark brown leather strap is an earthy affair, one reflecting the modest qualities of its wearer, best accompanied on adventures that get to the very heart of matters.

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Watch Specifications

Case material: 316L Stainless steel

Glass: Sapphire glass

Size: 44mm diameter, 16mm thickness, Strap width 22mm

Water resistance: 5 ATM / 50 Meters

Band: Genuine Italian leather strap, with quick-release pin for easy attachment

Battery: Up to 30 days with full battery charge

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Connectivity: BLE 5.0

Sensors: Accelerometer, Electrocardiogram, Optical heart rate sensor, 3D magnetometer

Watch Features

ECG and SpO2

Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep Tracker

Activity Tracker

Digital OLED Screen

Extended Battery Life

3 reviews for Senso Hybrid – Mercure Grey

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  1. Rob

    The Senso pleasantly surprised me with its blend of style and functionality. The design is a head-turner, and it successfully doubles as a fitness tracker.

    The build quality is impressive with a good weight, it certainly feels built for an active lifestyle. Hopefully the app continues to improve as the core functionality is strong.

    Overall it’s a fashionable choice that doesn’t compromise too much on features. Very happy.

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  2. S. Hupp

    Being a former Watch buyer for a national jewelry company I have a lot of experience-based opinions.
    After setting up my new Senso, I had zero concerns. I love this timepiece.

    The Italian leather is smooth and finished correctly with tonal seams and nice padding. There was no “skimping” on the finish for the straps. The buckles being steel is important for longevity.

    The head of the watch is an amazing hybrid of Tonneau, and cushion shape. These are typically limited to higher end Swiss manufactured timepieces, but Pininfarina assigns that style to the Senso and it’s perfect. Eye catching as well as the gun metal finish makes people ask about it.
    The app setup was one of the easiest I’ve ever experienced. Not only does it show the visual of your watch to select, it’s almost entirely automated except allowing you to change the time you want on the timepiece.

    The weight of the Senso is great, not too heavy, but still a nice weight for a men’s timepiece.

    I am still working through the functionality, but so far so good.
    5 out of 5 stars.

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  3. Reon

    Just received my watch and must say, what a beautiful time piece. The design, look and feel of this thing blows other smart watches out of the water.

    Whilst I am yet to use it for activity tracking, having played around with the functionality of the device it certainly has and does everything you need/want a smart watch to do without feeling like a lot of the modern day ‘techy’ watches on the market.

    Highly recommend

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Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch | Luxury Hybrid Watch for Men Pininfarina watches
Senso Watch features

Essential Features

Watch Specifications

Classic mechanical dials and hands; OLED screen; 316L Stainless Steel case and bezel; sapphire crystal glass; water-resistant up to 5ATM; interchangeable Genuine Italian leather straps.

Training u0026 Fitness

Track training and fitness, effortlessly manages daily wellness goals to gain a holistic view of your overall health.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep tracker measures numerous datapoints, including sleep quality, for a better night’s rest. Measuring levels of light, deep and REM sleep.

Health Monitor

Advanced health sensors to monitor your activity, tracking steps, distance and calories burned, with functions for daily goals and inactivity reminders.

Sports Tracker

Sports tracker closely monitors physical activities, with numerous athletic modes to choose from, plus exercise tracker to measure distance, laps, pace, calories and average heart rate.

Smart Assistant

Smart assistant connects to call, text, app and social media notifications, as well as customized statistics.

Senso Hybrid inspired by Pininfarina

The iconic legacy of Pininfarina, the groundbreaking innovation of Globics. 

Senso Hybrid is the analogue watch redefined. Setting the benchmark for Pininfarina’s hybrid revolution, it finds the perfect balance between classic style and contemporary technological substance – a premium timepiece that marries traditional mechanical dials with cutting-edge electronic sensors, for a hybrid watch unlike any other. 

Featuring the traditional aesthetics of an analogue watch, Senso Hybrid is designed with durability in-mind, featuring a 316L Stainless Steel case and bezel with sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant up to 5ATM and allowing for interchangeable Italian leather straps. 

As a smartwatch, Hybrid is equipped with an informed set of features, from its state-of-the-art electrocardiogram and heart rate monitor, to sleep tracking, activity monitoring and Connected GPS. Data is analysed and managed from a dedicated app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Senso’s Hybrid technology offers its wearer the best of both worlds: the smartwatch industry’s latest technological innovations alongside a timeless, inspired aesthetic that never compromises on style. It’s wearable tech you’ll love to wear. 


HeaLthier Than Ever

Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch | Luxury Hybrid Watch for Men Heart monitor

Track your heart rate at every second, from resting and dynamic through to maximum rates in real-time. Generate detailed graphs that let you monitor heart rate, visualise performance and optimize your workouts.

Measure rhythm with the electrocardiogram, analysing heart rhythms to detect sinus rhythms and abnormal heart rates. Generate readouts comparable to ECGs that can be shared between devices.

Monitor heartbeats to the millisecond by testing for heart rate variability. The HRV sensor checks changes in rhythm, with variances detecting stress and preventing illness, as data evolves based on your nervous system.

Pininfarina ESG sensor


Breathe Easy

State-of-the-art SpO2 sensor detects breathing disturbances by checking oxygen levels in your bloodstream. Like an oximeter on your wrist, the sensor aids early prevention of breathing-related infections, as well as overall health.

An oximeter on your wrist
PININFARINA health mobile app


Sleep Well, Every Night

Sleep tracking
Sleep tracking mobile app

Wear your watch to bed and wake up to metrics that can enrich your sleep. Detect total sleep duration, learn about the different stages from deep to REM, assess your sleep score out of 100% and set new goals that can improve your sleep depth, efficiency and overall health.


Train Smarter,
Not Harder

Track your training and fitness, to effortlessly manage daily wellness goals and gain a holistic view of your overall health. 

Advanced pedometer accurately evaluates movements from morning to night, activity tracker closely monitors your workouts, while pre-loaded sports modes let you gauge your abilities and improve your overall performance.

Train smarter
Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch | Luxury Hybrid Watch for Men Sports tracker
Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch | Luxury Hybrid Watch for Men Sports tracker


Peak Performance

Select your favourite sports and push yourself to the limit. Our sports tracker closely monitors your physical activities, for a thorough understanding of your performances.

Sports modes span ellipticals and yoga to weight training, boxing and biking, with an exercise tracker that measures distance, laps, pace, caloriesand other essential factors.

Sport tracker mobile app
Pininfarina companion app banner

Pininfarina Companion App

Our companion app empowers you to stay informed, with advanced insights to help monitor your overall health while better utilizing your watch’s many sensors. Available for all Android and iOS devices.

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