Pininfarina HYBRID WATCH Companion App

Our companion app empowers you to stay informed, with advanced insights to help monitor your overall health while better utilizing your watch’s many sensors. Available for all Android and iOS devices.


Healthier Than Ever

Heart Rate Monitor

Follow your heart – keep close track of your heart rate at every second, from resting and dynamic through to maximum rates in real-time. Generate detailed graphs that let you monitor heart rates, visualise performance and optimize your workouts. 


Find your rhythm – measure the heart’s electrical activity and produce a graphical representation of the heart’s electrical activity. Generate graphs that visualise the waveform.


Breathe easy – Senso can help you monitor your oxygen levels in your bloodstream.


Don’t miss a beat – monitor heartbeats down to the millisecond by testing for heart rate variability. Monitoring your HRV on an ongoing basis can help you to understand your overall health trend.

Wellness in Focus

Health Monitor

Give 100% – track wellness goals. Our proprietary technology assesses sleep scores, stress levels, heart rate, and overall body mass index (BMI), monitoring overall health with daily records to boost internal power. 

Stress Monitor

Find your happy place – manage daily stress levels and detect when you’re starting to lose control. Our stress monitor closely tracks your stress levels which is a good indicator to remind you to take a breath and relax.

Menstrual Tracker

Go with the flow – forecast, monitor and manage your time of the month. The menstrual tracker empowers you to keep close track of your monthly period, recording dates, length, flow and other vital information, learning and evolving over time as it enables you to take charge of your cycle.

Wellness Reminders

Bear in mind – sometimes a gentle reminder is all you need. Your watch’s convenient wellness reminders send out soft alerts throughout the day, prompting to hydrate at regular intervals and encouraging to get the blood flowing when your body’s sedentary.

Sleep Well, Every Night


Sleep Goals

Open your eyes – wear your watch to bed and discover new metrics to enrich your sleep. Our sensors holistically measure numerous data points, highlighting potential new goals to improve not only sleep, but your overall health. 

Sleep Duration

Sleep tight – detect your total amount of sleep on any given night and how duration contributes to overall health. Our sensors holistically measure numerous data points, highlighting potential new improvement goals.

Light, Deep and REM Sleep

Rest easy – learn about the different sleep stages and identify if you’re comfortably experiencing all three. Your watch accurately measures levels of light, deep and REM sleep, with readouts suggesting reasons you might be imbalanced and ways to find an equilibrium.

Sleep Quality Score

Settle the score – measure your sleep quality and wake up to a score from 0-100%. All night long, your sensors examine detailed sleep data, uncovering patterns and unearthing methods to improve sleep depth and efficiency. 

Train Smarter, Not Harder

Steps, Distance, Calories

Go the distance – track steps, distance and calories burned, to effortlessly manage daily wellness goals. Our advanced pedometer accurately and automatically evaluates your movements from morning to night, logging detailed reports that help monitor your overall performance.

Sports Modes

Learn the ropes – measure your skills against our pre-loaded sports modes and quickly reach fitness goals. Our intuitive sports modes let you benchmark your favourite athletics, tracking peak performance against your own individual goals, while syncing data so you can better augment future sessions.

Activity Tracker

Command performance – track your activity goals to gain a holistic view of your overall health. Our activity tracker monitors your fitness and workout performances, perceptively adapting to dozens of sports and athletics, with analysis and advice to help improve your progress and set lasting goals. 

Peak Sports Performance

Sports Modes

Be a good sport – select your favourite athletic workout and push yourself to the limit. Our sports modes functionality tracks dozens of physical pursuits, from elliptical training and yoga to weight training, boxing and biking, balancing scientific tolerances with your own performance logs to amplify endurance and improve performance.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise power – track your every activity and gain a thorough picture of your daily health. Our Exercise Tracker measures distance, laps, pace, calories and other essential factors, allowing you to set GPS-based routes to easily log your movements and enhance your active lifestyle.